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Musicals in Illinois High Schools


Help for Musicals in Illinois High Schools

View Data for the Current School Year

Some of our data are incomplete, and errors may remain. Note that a closing date of June 1 means we don't know the production dates. Information is subject to change without notice on these pages.

If you notice any errors, please report them to editor@schoolsnapshots.org, but note that data are sparse for years prior to 2011 and may include only a few schools. During the 2010-2011 school year, Alicia Mills, one of the founders of our organization in Maryland, requested information about musicals at every high school in Illinois. Two years later, Danielle McGarry made the same request. From those public information requests, we found that Illinois high schools every year put on between 300 and 350 musicals.

The Search: box is cumulative and will match all words. For example, typing "Lincoln-Way music" in the search box will filter the table and show all records for any of the four Lincoln-Way schools performing any musical that has the word "music" in it, such as The Music Man and Disney's High School Musical.

You can also provide arguments on the URL following a question mark. The following URL arguments are available (if you use multiple arguments, separate them with an ampersand, &):

yeare.g., to view data for the 2010-2011 school year: musicals-illinois.schoolsdo.org/?year=2011

mus — List the musical's title in an alternative (non-alphabetical) form: ?mus=official; ?mus=short

school — List the school's name in a form other than City (School): ?school=official; ?school=short